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An Amazing Nite at a Show

         I have a concert story for those interested.  I go to school in
Carolina and tried for hours and hours and hours to get tickets to the
shows up in jersey near where i live.  I was denied big time, but town 
there tickets were available in handfuls.  Friends of mine were getting
tickets days after they went on sale but i couldn't get one.  So i come
home for the summer leaving all my dave loving friends in the South. 
So i ask a bunch of my buds if they would like to head down to the
show and see if we can get tix, of course being the losers they are
they say no. so i drive an hour and half by myself with no ticket and
no idea where the hell i was going to homdel,nj.  i was hoping that i
could get a ticket for the lawn for less than $50.  being an umeployed 
poor man that was about all that i could afford.  but alas i get there
and everyone is looking for tickets.  the lowest cost that i heard was
$110  for lawn.  what a bunch of jerks.  so i am royally screwed.  so i
am walking around outside looking to climb the  fence. of course this
is nj so scaling the fence is out because of the barb wire.  So i am
walking around outside and dave is jamming inside.  an opportunity
the road guard is dealing with some employees so i casually walk
around behind the stage.  i am still outside but i am getting closer.  i
hear this voice boom,   "hey are you looking to get in?"  it was one of
them annoying guys in the yellow jacket.  Being the idiot that i am i
say "ummm yeah"  "how much?" "$20?" "alright" and i slip right in
the back door.  $20 was cheaper that any seat so i was happy as
can be.  That is the fun part.

        I am sitting there chilling on the lawn, the music is bellowing then
i smell weed.  imagine that somebody smoking up a little bud.  hey
cool except ten seconds later here comes security.  i am not smoking
but then they ask to see my stub.  oh shit. i am like i gave to some
little kid for his collection.  jackass security loser is like why'd you do
that.  i am like listen buddy these are lawn seats, i can go any further 
back. so relax.   asshole was all about to throw my butt out but i
avoided it and managed to enjoy the show.
        if you have any great dave stories send me the address and i